Real Savings Real Deductions

Power Plays for Winning the Money/Tax Game

Tina Frizzell-Jenkins has taught these money saving principles in seminars all cross the USA and one on one.

This book reads like a novel and not like a finance text book and it has the principles required for increasing your savings.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why the way you think about your money and how excited you get about your money equates to how much money you will acquire, how much you will keep and save.
  • How to determine if your business should be a LLC, how to use a budget for abundance, and how coaching can increase your cash.
  • How to make sure your home business is NOT considered an hobby by the IRS and how to document your expenditure to get the deductions legally.
  • Why you need to know the million code, how to break it and why residual income is a must .
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  • This book is both simple and profound...I wish I had read this books years ago; it would have saved me a fortune.”

    Myron Golden

    Author of "Trash Man to the Cash Man" 
  • it's tough to find so many practical business tools in one book. It's mygo to 'how to' reference that I share with new entrepreneurs.”

    Chic Hohenshelt

    Life Coach
  • This book changed the way I think ...By reading this book, I gained solid practical advice that I was able to use immediately."

    Kate  Scott

    International Fashion Designer
  • This book gives honest straightforward tax savings and good financial tips in a quick read.”

    Jennifer Matthews

    Financial Coach, Author "12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without a  Part Time Job"
  • Wow you've written a book...I like what you do and what you are doing... you have what it takes to be a good coach.”

    Doug Llewelyn

    Close-Up Talk Radio Host

Tina Frizzell-Jenkins, CPC, PCC

About the Author

Mrs. Jenkins is a home business certified empowerment and leadership coach with emphasis on home business foundations.  She is credentialed through the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). Tina is a speaker, an author and the CEO of Just Traders International, LLC aba JTI Coaching & Seminars.

Tina received an engineering degree from Northeastern University. That journey was instrumental in helping her get a good grasp on problem solving.  She continued to expand her knowledge with a certificate from Johns Hopkins University in leadership,  and a certification in coaching from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Currently she is employed by NASA, GSFC as the Coaching Program Manager where she has had the pleasure of coaching rocket scientists and engineers.

Tina has had the great fortune to work on the same stage as Les Brown, Kandeeg, Myron Golden,  and Dr Stan Harris to name a few, on awesome developmental projects that have added value to thousand of individuals.  Also, she is the co-author of "The Coaches Journey"

Tina has a passion for equipping and empowering home business owners to be all they desire to be and she uses her coaching skills, books and other tools to  enhance clients personal development and to assist them in building solid business foundations.